FAQs: General

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1. What does STP stand for?

STP stands for Scientifically Treated Petroleum. The roots of the STP® brand stretch back to 1954.

2. Is STP still involved with racing?

Yes, we still have a relationship with Petty Enterprises. The STP/Richard Petty relationship was initiated in 1972 and is the longest running relationship of its kind in NASCAR history.

3. Where can I get STP® stickers?

Buy them now here.

4. Where can I get STP® hats, shirts and other merchandise?

Check out the Official STP® online store here.

5. Are STP® products safe for my car?

Yes. All of the STP® products have been extensively tested and are safe for use in all cars. Always remember to follow the usage recommendations, which are clearly indicated on the label.

6. Can I use STP® products in my new car?

Yes. STP® products can be used in any age vehicle.

7. Will STP® products void my warranty?

No. All STP® products undergo extensive testing to evaluate their performance and are determined to be safe for use in vehicles, both new and old. Our products are specifically formulated to help improve the performance of the gasoline or oil to which they are added and will, therefore, help maintain the performance of your car.

8. Are STP® products safe for two-cycle engines? four-cycle engines?

STP® oil and fuel additives have been specifically formulated for use in four-cycle gasoline engines. Extensive testing in these engines has covered a broad range of passenger car usage and has clearly demonstrated the value of our products in these applications. However, we have not evaluated the performance of our products in two-cycle engines. Therefore, we do not currently recommend that they be used for two-cycle applications.

9. Are STP® products safe for diesel engine systems?

STP® has specially designed products for diesel engines and has labeled them as diesel products. They have been thoroughly tested and evaluated in specific diesel applications to demonstrate their ability to help improve specific performance attributes of those engines and fuels.

10. What’s the shelf life? How long can I store it?

The storage life of STP® products is guaranteed for a minimum of two years. However, although our testing guarantees a minimum of two years' shelf life, our experience has indicated that if our products are stored properly, they can remain stable and retain their effectiveness for an indefinite period of time.

11. How much do I use?

All STP® products are individually labeled for dose and treatment intervals.

12. Can I use STP® additives with other products?

STP® products are completely compatible with all other standard fuel and lubricant additives that are intended for similar use. However, mixing fuel or lubricant additives is neither recommended nor should it be necessary.

13. Can I use more than ‘recommended’?

No. The products have been formulated to work best at the recommended treat-rate.

14. Are STP® products safe to use through a vacuum line?

We do not advise putting STP® products through a vacuum line.

15. Are you offering sponsorships of any kind for social clubs, sports/racing teams or events?

At this time we aren't taking on any new sponsorships.

16. Where can I find promotional offers on STP® Products?

Promotional offers on STP® products can be found on the STP® website and Facebook page. Don't forget to check frequently at major retailers as they also offer promotions on STP® products.