STP® Fuel System Cleaner for Ethanol

Fuel System Cleaner for Ethanol bottle

Removes ethanol fuel deposits and helps to restore lost power.

Although Ethanol is an environmentally friendly biofuel, it contains 33% less energy per gallon than regular gasoline which reduces fuel economy. Like regular gas, ethanol fuels can leave deposits on intake values and fuel injectors that further reduce fuel economy. Rust and corrosion may also form and damage fuel system components. This STP® product helps prevent rust and corrosion and removes deposits that can reduce engine performance.


  • Prevent rust and corrosion
  • Saves gas and lowers emissions by removing fuel system deposits
  • Restore lost power and acceleration

Usage Frequency

Use every oil change or 4,000 miles

Take Note!

STP® Fuel System Cleaner for Ethanol is safe for all gasoline engines.