Take Note!

This is not engine lubrication oil.

  • Anti-Wear Technology
  • Contains ZDDP
  • Minimize resin build up

Product Description

Suitable for:

Chainsaw bar, chainsaw chain

STP® Premium Bar and Chain Oil is the ideal lubricant for minimizing resin build-up and preventing wear in chainsaws.

How it helps:

  • Anti-Wear agent Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate (ZDDP) helps provide a layer of protection for bar and chain.
  • Tackifier helps reduce high-speed oil throw-off.
  • High-quality base oil for Bar and Chain specially formulated to minimize resin build-up.
  • Engineered with Anti-Wear Technology

Take Note!

This is not engine lubrication oil.

Usage Directions

The mixture is ready for immediate use. Pour oil into reservoir. Formulated for use with all chain saws. Consult owner’s manual.

Usage Frequency: Ready to use

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