Take Note!

Not suitable for use in Low SAP oils. Do not overfill.

  • Lowers oil consumption
  • Protects against wear
  • Reduces engine noise

Product Description

STP® Smoke Treatment is designed for petrol engines to provide a thick oil cushion to help fill gaps created between the cylinder walls, piston rings valve guide seats on worn engines and reduce oil blow-by and smoking. This engine smoke treatment reduces exhaust smoke and engine noise, lowers oil consumption and protects against engine wear.

How it helps:

  • Protects against engine wear.
  • Reduces excessive smoking and noise.
  • Creates thick and protective oil cushion.
  • Compatible with petrol engines.

Take Note!

Not suitable for use in Low SAP oils. Do not overfill.

Usage Directions

Add entire contents to engine oil when engine is warm at or between oil changes. One bottle (450ml) will treat 4 – 5 litres (10% treat rate).

Usage Frequency: Use at or between oil changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, dependent on the colour of smoke. If the smoke is blue in colour, STP® Smoke Treatment will help. Blue smoke signifies an issue with oil burning. Possibly due to worn piston rings, valves or cylinders. Or maybe too much oil has been added? STP® Smoke Treatment may help rectify worn piston rings etc. but would add to the issue if too much oil was originally used and then topped up with STP® Smoke Treatment.

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