Take Note!

Not for personal cleansing.

  • Cleans and Shines
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-purpose

Product Description

STP® Cleaning & Engine Degreasing Wipes are a convenient way to clean up tough grime, oil and grease build up under the hood, on tools, small engine parts, plastics, vinyl, and metals.

These large and fibrous citrus-scented degreaser wipes feature a scrubby texture to remove caked-on grime in and around engine components, on small engine compartments and much more. Strong enough to take on automotive engine parts or machinery, but thin enough to fold around nuts and wires on all size engines.

How it helps:

  • Bring shine back to tools, chains, automotive parts, and small engines
  • Easy and convenient disposable wipes

Works for: Motorcycles, boats, chainsaws, lawnmowers, trucks

Take Note!

Not for personal cleansing.

Usage Directions


  1. Open the lid and pull out wipe from center of roll.
  2. The next sheet pops up automatically.
  3. When finished, close lid to retain moisture.


Engine cleaning: With the engine off and cool, check for exposed or frayed wires prior to use. Use wipe scrubby side down on surfaces to wipe away grime and deposits; let dry. Dispose of wipe in the garbage. Do not flush.

Tools & Small Engines: Fold wipe in half for more controlled cleaning.

Usage Frequency: As needed

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